JCB launches electric mini digger

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JCB, the English heavy equipment manufacturing company launched an electric mini digger to claim an industry breakthrough. This battery powered digger is designed to meet the demands for a zero-emission machine, one that one could use indoors, underground and in places close to people like in urban days.

While this is an achievement of JCB, it is a great addition to the entire construction industry. Now leading excavator hire services in England and Wales can now get an excavator that runs entirely on electricity in their fleet. There are clients who would prefer hiring a mini digger that is eco-friendly. The 1.9-tonne 19C-1 E-Tec electric mini excavator is simply charged using the standard 230-volt domestic electricity supply. You’ll just need to plug it in just like most charged electronics.

With a full charge, the mini excavator can be used for a full normal day on a building site, keeping up with its diesel counterpart in terms of power and speed. This is certainly a great addition for any of the firms offering mini diggers for hire in the UK. It was projected that the charging time would be slashed in more than half from 6 hours to about 2.5 hours through the launching of super-fast charging.

This innovative mini excavator labelled the quietest digger was developed in secret at JCB’s Staffordshire Headquarters, and from the reports, it is supposed to be on sale by now. Maybe you could find it available for hire at many firms offering hire services for excavators. Lord Bamford who disclosed the arrival of the electric mini digger considered it a “real breakthrough” for construction. This is what you might get.

Commenting further, Lord Bamford said JCB has been in the leading position of coming up with innovative low emission diesel-powered construction machinery for decades. He even speculated that the JCB machines with the JCB Clean Diesel Technology would be pretty close to zero emissions this year.

According to Lord Bamford, due to urbanisation, machines are now being operated more closely to people as well as being used in indoor, underground, close to hospitals and food production environments. As a result, this has encouraged the rapidly emerging and development of the zero-emissions sector. JCB is actually responding to these concerns and developments brought by urbanisation and use of excavators near people by being at the forefront of alternative power technologies. They have even developed the first ever electric JCB excavator.

JCB says the battery-powered mini digger can be used after normal hours in urban streets, around places with people like hospitals and schools without disturbing people. One can also negotiate tight easily as the machine comes with a retractable undercarriage. You can go ahead and hire this fantastic machine from various sources, including mini digger hire Cheshire providers. Since the machine greatly minimises any type of pollution, from air and soil to water, it is one of the best machines to use in this modern era. It makes perfect sense for companies offering digger hire services in the UK to have the 19C-1 E-Tec electric mini excavator for hire.